Kenneth Hamlet

Former CEO of Holiday Inns, Inc.

Ken Hamlet brings a wealth of management and executive experience to the Revelis team. Ken was the former President and CEO of Holiday Inns Inc., then the largest hospitality concern in the world, as well as former Chairman of Vistage International. While at Holiday Inns Inc., Ken was responsible for the acquisition of Harrah’s, then the largest casino brand in the world.

Currently, Ken serves on the boards of VenueBook and Montesquieu Wines as Chairman, and is a partner in Suntoro Partners, LLC, which buys and builds high-end limited service hotels in the top 50 markets in the U.S. Ken also runs a consulting and advisory practice through his firm Monalex Partners, LLC, which has advised companies such as LogicSource, Noble Iron, TouchCommerce, and more on matters involving strategic planning, marketing, PR, financing, and governance.