Matt Pamukcu

Founder & CEO, Applied Isotope Technologies, Inc.

Working during and after college, Matt implemented and oversaw research experiments, set-up and managed analytical core laboratories at Massachusetts Hospital and Harvard Medical School, primarily focusing on biomolecular analysis and synthesis. Three Nobel laureates at Harvard (Drs. Ptashne, Gilbert and Messelson) were among seven researchers who, as underwriters of the facility, utilized the state-of-the-art services for sample analyses, experiment design and hands-on teaching.

During the next couple of decades, Matt focused on sales, support, global marketing of biomolecular instruments and creation of new ventures. He introduced and managed several successful products at Beckman-Coulter, including the first high-performance amino acid analyzer to analyze 52 amino acids in biological fluids.  Joining Applied Biosystems (ABI) soon after the company’s IPO, Matt managed product development teams and introduced two highly successful automated systems, the gas-phase protein sequencer and multi-vessel solid phase peptide synthesizer. These systems played important roles in establishing biotechnology as a bona fide industry. Within a decade, ABI’s sales topped $1B and valuation reached $4B. Later, Matt joined the executive team of pre-IPO Molecular Devices (MD) and managed introduction of the first-ever kinetic microplate reader which set a new industry standard. Within a year (MD) had a successful IPO.  When purchased by Danaher, MD’s sales were over $400M.

Matt co-founded and led Fiberlite Composites which was sold to Thermo-Fisher. Non-corroding, lightweight centrifuge rotors are still sold by Thermo-Fisher under the Fiberlite brand.  Matt led a team of engineers and raised a couple rounds of financing for environment-friendly Earthcars which was sold to AutoTrader during the early years of the e-business boom.  Acquisition of both companies was done at premium valuations.

Forming his consulting business, Matt facilitated the transfer of glycobiology and proteomics technologies from Oxford University, defined products and services, formulated a detailed business model and helped Advent Venture Partners form Oxford Glycosystems, Ltd. The company had its IPO within 4 years.

Over the past decade, Matt co-founded and continues to lead Applied Isotope Technologies, a company developing a patented disruptive metrology platform.