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Tap Token

A blockchain initiative by Hooch, Inc.

TAP is a new utility token designed to power the HOOCH ecosystem. HOOCH is a well funded, revenue positive, fast growing subscription and discovery app with close to 200,000 users and 500+ top restaurant and bar partnerships around the world in 10 major destination cities from New York to Hong Kong. The TAP token follows the waitlisted launch of HOOCH's premium membership tier HOOCH BLACK, featuring travel deals, dining perks, and invite only experiences and celebrity events.

TAP will offer incredible value to its users, allowing them to earn rewards with every purchase, redeem for goods and services, send drinks to their friends, and participate in revenue from sharing of purchase data with top consumer and beverage brands. The entire high-growth ecosystem of HOOCH will transact exclusively using TAP. The token will give brands unprecedented access to nearly impossible-to-capture real-time consumer purchase and preference data.

Current Deal Stage
Actively Raising Capital
Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, Mobile App, Big Data, Alcohol, Consumer, Hospitality
Capital raised
Capital Invested
Utility Token Private Placement
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